Jonathan Alexander Newby (He/They) is an undergraduate student at the College of William & Mary. Majoring in both Digital Studies and American Studies, he has a particular interest in the critical analysis of contemporary culture and technology, completing several academic projects and running several student organizations.

Jonathan's research is concerned with the ways that new media and technology in the late-20th and 21st century affect both large-scale community building and individual identity formation - especially among those of marginalized identities - across several mediums, including social media and video games. His other academic interests include contemporary American pop culture and society, the modern-day politics of evangelical Christianity, and higher education administration and reform.

Highly engaged with his community, Jonathan is a dedicated advocate for marginalized people. He is a consistent voice for Black and Queer communities, using his connections and research expertise to educate all people on the need for authentic inclusion in all human endeavors. He is also active in his religious community, the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists, as a modern-day evangelist for culturally- and theologically-diverse spirituality.


Presenting "Black Rainbow" at the Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium, October 2019