Research & Academic Work


The Bodies Politic (Fall 2021 - Spring 2022)

  • American Studies undergraduate honors project studying the intersections of sex, oppression, and liberation, focusing on how sex is used as a tool for both enforcing and breaking down social hierarchies among different demographics in the digital age. Projects composed of a formal research thesis and an ethnographic/oral history component.

  • To be conducted under the advisory of Prof. Leisa Meyer.

Project overview via GiveCampus

Independent Identity (Spring 2021)

  • Film & Media Studies independent study analyzing how indie video games tell narratives centered around those of marginalized identities, and how such research is essential to the future of art, game studies, and the digital humanities.

  • Being completed with Prof. Elizabeth Losh.

Black Rainbow (Summer 2019)

  • Digital ethnographic project researching Black Queer communities and icons on Twitter. Focus on interactions between influencers and their audiences (through lenses of vulnerability), as well as political activism (with particular attention paid to the intersectionalities of race, sexuality, and mental health).

  • Completed with the Equality Lab under the guidance of Prof. Elizabeth Losh.

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